Beauty Biz Bootcamp

The Beauty Biz Bootcamp is a 30 day, information packed workshop that will have your business go from BASIC to BOMB in 30 short days! You will have a Business Coach to walk you through the program and once a week ZOOM meetings to go over what was learned that week and make sure you understand and utilize it all!! You do NOT want to miss this BOOTCAMP!! Seats are LIMITED so don't wait!!



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Week 1

Finding your WHY. This 1st week will have you digging deep to find your motivator. Some of you may know what motivates you and others may have no idea but this is SUCH an IMPORTANT thing to know. You will need to focus on this when you have hard days!

Week 2

BRANDING. This  week we dive deep into the Psychology behind Branding and just what it means for your business. From choosing your business name to finding your perfect logo, I will teach you how to Brand your business for SUCCESS!

Week 3

Social Media & Marketing. Want to Market like the Pro's but have no clue how? This week goes over how to attract your Perfect Client and FILL YOUR BOOKS! You will learn all about Algorithms and how to use them to your advantage! You will also learn the IMPORTANCE of your IG Newsfeed vs IG Stories and how to utilize them to convert FOLLOWERS into PAYING CLIENTS!

Week 4

What does it look like when your business is running PERFECTLY? This last week will not only show you that but more importantly...How to have MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME! If you are only making an income from your services and retail, you are setting yourself up for potential FAILURE! You need MULTIPLE streams of PASSIVE INCOME to give you not only FINANCIAL SECURITY but also FINANCIAL FREEDOM!