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Are you in the beginning stages of running your own Beauty Business? Maybe you just rented a space but aren't sure what to do next. I know you are excited and nervous all at the same time because I was there too!

 Let me show you how to get your books FULL and Market like a Pro!  All it takes is 15 minutes of your time for a FREE Consultation Call to learn what all the  Beauty Boss Bootcamp has to offer.

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Are you interested in a Coaching Program that LITERALLY costs less than a gourmet coffee a day?

Apply below for our next BEAUTY BOSS MASTERMIND! We will send you the information with the dates, pricing plan and what all is included in the MASTERMIND.

 What do you have to lose? IT'S FREE TO APPLY!!

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Want to see what Business Coaching is like BEFORE signing up for a Coaching Program? Try a MINI-COURSE! 

Watch the video BELOW for more information on the Mini-Courses and how they can help you build a 6 FIGURE BEAUTY BUSINESS!! 












* 30 DAY information PACKED Program for the Beauty Professional who is just starting out on their own.

You will learn the FORMULA for a 6 FIGURE BEAUTY BUSINESS!!

*WEEK 1- Finding your WHY

*WEEK 2- All about BRANDING

*WEEK 3- Social Media and Marketing like a PRO

*WEEK 4- how to utilize 1 Platform and generate MULTIPLE STREAMS OF PASSIVE INCOME for your business!


Are you ready to CHANGE YOUR FUTURE?

If you are TIRED of feeling OVERWHELMED and UNSURE of what to do next in your business, BUSINESS COACHING IS FOR YOU!


1. A Program that is designed specificaly for YOU and your business NEEDS

2. A Mentor who has been in your shoes and UNDERSTANDS the frustration. I decided to hire a coach myself and it was the BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!

3. I will teach you EVERYTHING I learned so you can find FINANCIAL FREEDOM!






1-on-1 Strategy Zoom Meeting


  • 1 Hour Zoom Meeting with a Business Couch
  • You will be given  Action Assignments for your SPECIFIC needs at the time of your call to help you move the needle in your business forward
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Goal setting
  • Using Canva for Your Business
  • Learn how to Build Your Clientele Quickly through effective advertising

Not sure if you're ready to commit to a Coaching or Mentorship Program but still need HELP?

Try a 1 Hour Strategy Meeting with a Business Coach to go over some of your most important questions and get guidance.

 Imagine having your very own , personal Business Coach! Yes, right there at your fingertips when you just need a little guidance and clarity.

  This opportunity is PERFECT if you know you need help but just aren't sure if hiring a Coach is what you need. Consider this a Test Run, a Try It BEFORE You Buy It thing. 

  You will get to see what it's like to have someone to go to who can give you excersises to do that will essentially help your business THRIVE!

 What do you have to Lose? The ONLY way you will lose is if you don't at least TRY!

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Are you a Beauty Biz Entrepreneur who would like to share your story? Would you like to help others in the Beauty Biz get motivated and educated in just what it takes to be SUCCESSFUL as an Entrepreneur? Schedule your Podcast Interview here and then download the Questionaire by clicking the link below. The questionnaire will have the Podcast questions that you will be asked so you can prepare.


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Do you LOVE to post on Social Media? Are you an INFLUENCER who ENJOYS making passive income from POSTING on SOCIAL MEDIA? Become an AFFILIATE today and you will GET PAID for EVERY Course or Program purchased from your LINK! You will EARN $10 for EVERY Beauty Boss Bootcamp purchase and $100 for EVERY Fundamentals of Permanent Cosmetics Course purchased! It's FREE to join!

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